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The Project “Home Academy Bd”, Started At The Beginning Of the Pandemic When The World Went Under A Shutdown And Thousands Of People Lost Their Jobs And Means Of Livelihood. Skills Such As Programming, Visual Arts Creation, Content Generation, Etc Can Be Used In Freelance Sectors And Also As Remote Working Tools To Earn Foreign Revenue And Contribute To The Country’s Economy. Home Academy Bd Houses Courses Teaching Such Skills Which Are Immensely Popular In The Global Market, Each Course Is Handcrafted By Expert Teachers Who Are Proficient In Their Certain Backgrounds. We Teach Skills To Individuals Regardless Of Their Age, Gender, Or Any Other Identity And Ensure Safe And Sustainable Work For Everyone Through Skill Learning. And Through This, We Are Ensuring Employment, Economic Growth, And Overall Sustainability For Bangladesh.


As the pandemic came to an end, the members of Home Academy BD found themselves immersed in their individual pursuits, making it challenging to continue the impactful work we had initiated. However, the overwhelming support and affection we received during those trying times left an indelible mark on our hearts.

Although Home Academy BD was initially conceived as a project to address the unique needs of the pandemic, the enduring love and encouragement from our community encouraged us to establish a more permanent platform named "Skill Finesse" for comprehensive courses and skill development. Yet, our roots remain deeply intertwined with Home Academy BD, and we remain committed to providing digital media marketing services through this platform to show our gratitude and dedication to you.


"Home Academy BD" is more than just a digital media marketing agency; it's a hub of creative innovation and strategic excellence. With a profound understanding of the digital landscape, we harness the power of data, design, and innovation to shape your brand's online success.

Our mission is to transform your digital presence, fueling growth, engagement, and lasting connections. We pride ourselves on a dynamic approach, offering tailored solutions that resonate with your unique audience. From social media strategy to content creation, we are your dedicated partner in navigating the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. Let's elevate your brand to new heights together.


We begin by understanding your brand and design preferences. Then, we offer a comprehensive package, including crafting or enhancing your page with all essential tabs, creating an eye-catching page header, and curating two engaging social media posts to leave a lasting impression.

Furthermore, we streamline your communication by setting up automated messaging that guides visitors to your website and encourages bookings. Drawing from over a decade of experience in social media management, we employ proven strategies to revitalize your Facebook page by fostering engagement with businesses and the community.

To ensure sustained success, we'll equip you with a valuable guide filled with proven methods for maintaining your revamped page's vibrancy.

सदस्य बनना चाहते हैं? और अपने देश के लोगों के लिए काम करते हैं?

यदि हां, तो अपना फॉर्म जमा करें, हम समीक्षा करेंगे और आपको बताएंगे कि आपको स्वीकार किया गया है या नहीं।


Analysing data


Image Editor

विज्ञापन बनाना

Stand Up Meeting


Networking Event

मानव संसाधन प्रबंधन

Video Editing


Man Writing

अनुसंधान एवं विकास

कार्यकारी अधिकारियों


मुख्य लेखा अधिकारी

सी ई ओ



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