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Mohiuddin khokan is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork who works as a visual artist and video editor. He also works at the international think tank as a "Manager Digital Platforms & Technical Support." He has worked in a variety of fields for over 9 years.


What you will learn

Part I


  1. Introduction and PowerPoint Interface

  2. Master Slide

  3. Using Smart art

  4. Basic Animation and animated GIF icons

  5. Custom slide and Slide transition


Part II


  1. Selection tool and background video

  2. Hyperlink

  3. Making Cover Slide with special effects

  4. Add audio

  5. PowerPoint Info-graphics

Part III


  1. Device mock-up in PowerPoint & copy and paste slides between templates

  2. Resequencing slides using Slide sorter view

  3. Morph Tran and trim video

  4. Exporting PDF, JPG & video format

  5. Comments on PPT

  6. Design Template

  7. Format Painter & Animation Painter


Part IV


  1. Advanced Zoom

  2. Marge Shape technic

  3. Screen Recordings

  4. Essential tips on:

   5. Conclusion