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Mohiuddin khokan is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork who works as a visual artist and video editor. He also works at the international think tank as a "Manager Digital Platforms & Technical Support." He has worked in a variety of fields for over 9 years.


What you will learn

Lesson 1: Introduction

  1. Introducing the Premiere Interface

  2. The Project Window

  3. The Monitor Window

  4. The Timeline


Lesson 2: Essentials of Video Editing

  1. Capturing and importing footage

  2. Rough Cuts

  3. Trimming footage

  4. Transitions

  5. Compositing

  6. Exporting for broadcast

  7. Exporting for web


Lesson 3: Video Settings

  1. Time base and Frame Rate

  2. Project Settings and Export Settings

  3. Compression


Lesson 4: Tools

  1. Block Selection

  2. Time stretching

  3. Moving, Razoring, and inserting clips


Lesson 5: Audio Editing

  1. Using the audio rubber band

  2. Basic Audio Filters

Lesson 6: Transitions

  1. Standard transitions

  2. Using Simple Fades by utilizing the rubber band