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 What is a product reviewing on Amazon?

Or, How does product reviewing work on Amazon?

Ans: When we go to Amazon for buying any product, we distinguish the best product by seeing the ratings and reviews. There are more than 3000 new sellers coming into Amazon every day. No one chooses to buy their products because of not having any ratings or reviews on them. So the new sellers look for reviewers to work for them and in exchange they pay them. Even the old sellers do that for their new products. So one can easily review products on amazon and get paid.


 What do I get in this course?

Ans: You will get videos where you will be given step by step thorough guidelines starting from scratch to mastery of product reviewing. You will be shown practical examples of every single step in the videos. Along with the videos you will be given a PDF file where everything will be written once again in a simpler language. We tried to provide some extra resources into the PDF file.


 Will I have to buy a product to review it?

Ans: Yes but the seller will refund your purchase money along with your payment after you review it Or before buying.


 How much will I get paid for reviewing per single product?

Ans: It will depend on your deal with the seller. But sometimes some sellers will consider your rank in the list of reviewers. The more you work the better you become and rank yourself up on the list and get paid more.


  Do I need to have a good social media profile with a lot of followers to work as a reviewer on Amazon?

Ans: Absolutely NO. But if you have, then you can make some extra by using it. Most of the sellers in Amazon are Chinese. And international social media are banned in China. So you can do marketing on your social media for the product you review and take some extra from the seller for it.

 How long will it take me to finish this course?

Ans: After purchasing the course it’s completely yours for the next 7 days. It’s up to you how long you will take to finish it. But the PDF file is yours forever so you can revise it after that 7 days period in case of your need.


 Will I be able to make money by working as a reviewer after doing this course?

Ans: This course is just a guideline for you to work as a reviewer and make money. But ultimately the job is yours to do. The harder you work the more you make.

Does amazon ship to Bangladesh?

Ans: No amazon is not available in Bangladesh. We teach the amazon USA version you have to have relatives abroad to ship the products. because Amazon doesn't ship in bd. You also have amazon in 8 other countries you can also use them for review but we teach amazon USA.

Can I use other countries for delivery except for the USA?

Ans: obviously you can. You can make the delivery in any country with an amazon shipping system. but this course is especially for amazon USA. Other countries might have different methods.

 How am I going to verify my WeChat account?

Ans: It's really easy. All you need is a friend with a WeChat account you will provide your wechat scan code & they will verify it for you they just need to scan. After that, your account will be verified. We won't help you to verify it's your personal matter.


 Is PayPal available in Bangladesh?

Ans: You can't legally create a PayPal Business account from Bangladesh and add your credit card with that account. So tell your relative or people whom you know lives outside of Bangladesh to open Paypal for you.


 The process for owning a credit card is really complicated what should I do about that?

Ans: Yes the process for owning a credit card is complicated but there are a lot of options where you can get prepaid visa cards if you're 18+ and if you're not you can get help from your parents for that. You can open international card easily from EBL.


 I don’t have enough money to buy the course.

Ans: Do send us an email with your proper details, we are providing free courses to those with
financial disability and if you get elected with our requirements we will provide you the course for free under some conditions.


 Can I pay after doing the course?

Ans: No you can't but you can pre-book any of our courses with split payments.


 Will I really be able to make money after doing this course?

Ans: we can not assure you that if you can or can not make money after doing this course. Totally depends on if you can follow the steps properly.

Do I need to spend any money without the course?

Ans: Need to spend 50 dollars at the beginning or else Amazon will take you as a bot. 


 How much money will I make with this?


Ans: It's totally up to you.

 Will this course be worth spending on?

Ans: We included every information you need in a way that you can understand properly our students are already earning a lot of money check the graduate's page in our website if you wanna check. We don't give any guarantee that you will earn after doing our courses but we provide every information that is needed to do the work but not the resources such as USA address, paypal or credit card rest of the work depends on you.




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