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Acknowledgment LETTER

We are hereby really happy to know that you are interested to buy courses from our platform. Before purchasing any courses from our platform we want you to check all the policies, terms & conditions before making the payment for any of our courses from our platform. Read the terms and conditions given below
carefully before making the payments.

* Do proper research on the topic of the course before making the payment.

* Read all the FAQs that had been given on the course page.

* You are buying the course on your right mind and no one forced or manipulated you to buy any of our courses.


* You can not make any refund after making the payment.


* If you are under 18 you need to have permission from your parents.

* To send the money on the given bkash number below and reply to this email mentioning the course name with the transaction number and your personal information

* Making the payment will take all of these terms and conditions being agreed upon by you.

*For amazon review you need USA address, paypal & credit card.

*While filling up this form you are on your right mind & you have read everything properly & know the details

Do make the payment on this bkash number given below, bkash number: 0178661453.
Thank you for being with us and please feel free to contact us for any additional information.


With best regards,
Home Academy BD


Thanks for submitting!

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